Canon AE-1 Program

Story Of Creation

This Canon-AE1 Program 35mm film camera was meticulously hand crafted using exotic olive wood specially imported from the Mediterranean region of Italy. The olive wood pays homage to the culinary arts which is often used in the creation of artisan cutting boards and luxury kitchen accessories. Olive wood comes from one of the most beloved trees rooted in ancient tradition; often seen as a symbol of peace and friendship. The olive wood style was suggested by the photographer from their passion of culinary photography.

This film camera turned out beautiful and is truly a one of a kind piece! Although the beauty radiates from this custom wood film camera, it did not come without it's challenges. Olive wood is a very dense wood and notably one of the most difficult wood types to work with. After a good bit of reading, experimenting with multiple techniques, and using a variety of tools, we found a method that worked well for this application.

The Canon AE-1 is a true classic camera launched in the 1970's and is still widely popular today. The proud owner of this custom wood camera is a local Carolina commercial photographer well versed in digital photography. Now he's adding an analog 35mm film camera to his collection to capture moments in time using this one-of-a-kind mechanical masterpiece.

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