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Alexander Joseph

Hey there! I'm AJ, the creator of Grateful Gadgets. It's always been a dream to be a business owner and as a former product designer I am able to bridge the gap of entrepreneurship and creativity. After three years of building Grateful Gadgets part time, I took the leap in 2018 creating the business full time.

Currently my pup Sgt. Pepper and I reside in the wonderful city of Charlotte North Carolina. However, we didn't get here alone and I'm forever grateful of those who have been a part of my life thus far. Now on a mission to share that gratitude with others.

With the knowledge of being a successful product designer for almost 10 years and working with many start up businesses globally, I saw an opportunity for a creative outlet. I quickly realized my passion for craftsmanship and keen attention for details. In addition to the love for the design process, the sense of joy people share from our creations is even more amazing.

Fast Facts

When I'm not in the studio wearing my lab coat being creative, you can usually find me outside doing something. Whether it be grilling, visiting the farmers market, hiking, mountain biking, or listing to live music with some friends... Theres nothing like the fresh air to liven up the day.

That's a little insight as to who I am. For more information about Grateful Gadgets and who we are, click below.