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Bolsey B2, Wood Film Camera


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Bolsey B2 Vintage Wood SLR Film Camera Bolsey Camera 35mm camera Camera Strap Photographer Gift Camera gift

Bolsey Model B2 35mm film camera and 44mm f3.2 Anastigmat lens with beautiful Natural Chestnut Wood inlay. This vintage rangefinder camera was produced throughout the 1940’s-1950’s and made a great compact travel accessory. Each unique piece of natural wood is custom designed and meticulously cut to form. Then, it is sanded to perfection and carefully assembled by hand. This vintage camera is moderate cosmetic condition with minor wear. All dials, knobs, and levers seem to work. The film advance lever works and sets the shutter, and the shutter snaps.

This Bolsey B2 wood camera is a great addition for your home/office decor and a wonderful conversation piece. These handcrafted Bolsey film cameras also make great photographer gifts for the enthusiast or even the admirer that let the passion of photography live on. The Bolsey 35mm film camera would also look great with a custom leather camera strap.

Please keep in mind that this is a vintage camera and will need to be thoroughly evaluated by a camera expert for correct operation.


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